Friday, November 26, 2010

Wedding Season wedding season is on full swing in India and so the market is flooded with traditional dresses. The latest fashion for the weddings comprises of Lehangas, Sarees and Salwar Kameez for women and for Men the attire for the season is Sherwani and formal suits. The dresses are decorated with Svaroski and jewel work which increases the ethnicity of the attire.

Indian Weeding

The colors for the season are red, orange and pink for the women and Brown and black for the men. Indian Fashion week displayed a huge variety of traditional wear for the wedding purpose along with trendy accessories which enhances the overall appearance. Bright colors must be worn in order to make the bride and groom stand out of the herd. International market is also accepting the Indian trends and many foreign celebrities are seen sporting Indian traditional dresses. This appreciation opens the doors for the Indian Fashion market globally and gives an opportunity to portray the Indian dressing culture.