Friday, November 26, 2010

Bridal Wear of North India

The traditional wear of the states of north India such as Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi, Punjab etc. is the salwar kameez.As such, the Brides of this region wear salwar kameez on the occasion of their weddings. These salwar kameez sets are no ordinary ones, they are special bridal salwar kameez.They are made of the most luxurious fabrics like silk, brocade and even the cloth material made in Banaras which is generally used to make the royal Banarasi sarees.

Bridal Wear of South India

Bridal Wear of South India

Sarees of South India have extra richness and grandeur so what else can be the bridal wear of South Indian brides other than these sarees? Kanjeevaram Sarees from among the rich treasure of exquisite South Indian sarees are the traditional attire of brides over here. These sarees are not only the most favorite of brides but they also make the wardrobe of each and every Indian women complete, who wear these sarees on special occasions.

Bridal Wear of East India

Muga Sarees of Assam, Baluchari Sarees of Bengal and Bomkai Sarees of Orissa – they are actual delight to see and wear. How can a bride from these states go for any other bridal wear? These handloom sarees /indian-sarees/handloom-sarees.html are so skillfully made to embrace the required grace of a bridal wear that they need no other outer embellishments. However, these days, East Indian brides also like to wear Banarasi sarees due to their sheer elegance. Bridal Lehenga Choli

Bridal Wear of West India

The brides of western region from the states like Gujarat, Rajasthan and their neighboring states wear lehengas or ghagra choli on the occasion of their wedding. They are made up of luxourious fabrics like silk, satin, organza etc. The traditional lehengas are heavily decorated with zari and gotas which are stripes of golden and silver fabrics, often carrying real gold and silver. Beads, mirrors, sequins and other decorative trims are also heavily used to embellish the bridal lehengas.

One of the interesting facts of Indian brides is that they prefer to wear traditional bridal wear on their weddings. And not only the traditional dress of their own region but any bridal wear that attracts them, thanks to the feeling of national oneness in India. So, don't be amazed if you see a Punjabi bride adorned with an embroidered lehenga choli and a South Indian Bride wearing a Banarasi saree!