Saturday, January 30, 2010

Izod Clothing

Izod clothing has been around for approximately 60 years and in the 1980's was extremely popular. Today, Izod clothing can be found in large department stores, factory outlets and some discount stores. It has lost some of its popularity due to its availability in discount store outlets. most popular pieces of clothing produced by Izod are the shirts and jackets. The most notable of these are the golf shirts, dress shirts and the polo shirts in the men's line and the women's shirts, short's and sweaters. This type of clothing is suitable for many different purposes and is a comfortable option to casual wear.

The Izod clothing line is most known for its preppy style with is similar to those produced by other brand name lines such as Hilfiger and many other notable companies. This company found its beginnings in London where the name was developed and then bought by an American who made his company associated with the then prestigious name. clothing has also been produced by a French company called Lacoste for the United States market but this was stopped in the 1990's. This was due to some quality concerns and resulted in Lacoste distancing itself from the Izod clothing label. This was the start of the initial fall in the Izod brand's popularity. Before this in the 1980's the Izod logo was very popular with its green alligator logo but on the dissolution of the Izod-Lacoste relationship the logo went only to Lacoste branding. Izod clothing brand has since been owned by Van Heusen in 1995 and its distribution has been widespread. Today, its common use has been in the decline as there has been a surge in the number of outlets that offer good quality clothing at very reasonable and affordable prices. It is today most popular for its golf shirt line which has remained popular. It still produces a very diverse range of clothing products for the fashion conscious but has to compete with a more diverse market. The future may still hold some hope for this clothing line as it continues to be developed and incorporates modern and classical styles.