Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wedding Dress Accessories the right wedding accessories will help accentuate the wedding dress and make the bride look complete. But choosing the right wedding accessories is crucial to finding the balance between undone and overdone. looking at common wedding day accessories like shoes, jewelry, veils, and handbags, it is important to keep the overall look of the bride in mind. Does the bride usually wear a lot of jewelry? If not, a simple necklace will likely be more comfortable than something over-the-top. Keeping in mind the style of the bride, the theme of the wedding, and the formality of the wedding will help make wedding accessory shopping a success.

Wedding Veils, Headpieces, and Wedding Hair Accessories wedding veils are a common wedding accessory, they are no longer the standard for every bride. Veils now come in all shapes, sizes, and lengths. While the traditional veil typically measure three and a half yards long, veils can be as short as six inches, such as a bird cage veil, or as long as 10 yards, such as a chapel length veil.

For brides who prefer to forgo the veil, simple headpieces or hair accessories may be an ideal wedding day option. From rhinestones to feathers to pearls, wedding hair accessories accent the overall look of the bride without drawing too much attention from her hair. Some examples of stand alone wedding hairpieces include tiaras, bun wraps, flower clips, or a wreath.

Wedding Shoes and Stockings wedding shoes may not be seen with many wedding dresses, they are still an important part of wedding day attire. Not only is it important for the shoes to compliment the wedding dress, it's important that the bride feel comfortable while wearing them for hours at a time. Many brides will opt to wear their wedding shoes around the house for a few hours to "break them in" before the big day. there are many plain satin shoe options for brides, other fabrics like silk and velvet can add a touch of formality to the wedding look. Additionally, a bride whose dress is heavily beaded may want to find wedding shoes with a similar beaded appearance. Shoes with sequins, crystals, or even a touch of color are also a popular choice for the wedding day.

Wedding Day Jewelry the engagement ring and wedding band, considering other jewelry is also important. Jewelry should always compliment the wedding dress, and not overpower the overall look. Using a family heirloom for wedding jewelry is an easy way to incorporate the tradition of wearing "something old" during the wedding.

Wedding Handbags choosing a wedding day handbag, it is important to consider what the bride will need with her during the wedding day. For some, a simple clutch will hold all that is needed. For others, it may be important to have a handbag large enough to hold lipstick, powder, medication, or other small necessities.

Wedding accessories may seem like little details not worth paying attention to, but they can make all the difference. While brides do not have to wear a lot to look complete, carefully chosen accessories can enhance the overall appearance of the bride, her gown, and the wedding in general.