Friday, January 29, 2010


A good fashion sense means keeping up with today's hottest trends. Among the necessary attire available to one today is the daily formal apparel that can sometimes be boring and mundane. The best way to spruce up ones formal apparel is to experiment with the latest trends by mixing it with some of the older yet hotter trends. One such trend is the use of dress slacks or commonly called dress/ formal pants. .

For dress slacks, waist measurement is of utmost importance. To appropriately calculate your waist size, place a measuring tape around your waist just over your hipbones and across the navel, leaving a finger between the tape and your waist. If you prefer roomy slacks, leave two fingers between the tape and your waist, that measurement, rounded up to the nearest inch, is your slacks size. .

Informal dress slacks that are pre-cuffed or pre-hemmed use an amalgamation of waist and inseam measurement. The inseam identifies the length of the inside seam from the crotch to the hem. For example, an inseam of 31" and waist of 36" and would be a size 31L x 36W. .

Dress slacks range from 75 to 340 dollars for men's wear and from 90 to 500 dollars for women's wear. Slacks go neatly with jackets and formal shirts and can be worn on any formal occasion. Nothing looks sharper on a man than a navy blue or black single-breasted blazer combined with a pair of dress slacks, plain front, pleated or reverse pleated. Available in colors such as medium grey, charcoal, black, navy blue, light brown and tan, dress slacks are perfect for any occasion. . styling from formal skirts for women can include a well-chosen four-button jacket with a pair of dress slacks either pleated or un-pleated. To further show off your fashion sense, sport your slacks with a trendy scarf or matching belt. Easy to maintain and wash, dress slacks come in a variety of lightweight and heavy weight material options such as wool and corduroy. They can be washed with regular clothes or dry-cleaned depending on the material