Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer Dress Silhouette

In fashion history terms it is now very easy to see how the dress for 2009 is moving from a straight silhouette to A-line.  The profile is getting much wider at skirt and shoulder level, and is balanced with a longer hemline.
Observe how many of the dresses on this page illustrate the use of a wider A-line silhouette, drapery, tucks, pleats and bows.  Almost all are combined with that other strong new fashion trend of greater modesty at the neckline.  Most of these frocks have more modest sweeping jewel or boat necklines rather than ultra low revealing décolleté.
Less formal dresses are the easy A-line 60's shifts, or Kimono sleeve dresses that morph into tunics when worn over trousers.
Asymmetric one shoulder dresses are leading the way for occasion and evening wear styles, although there are also plenty of prom fairy style dresses and maxi dresses too.  You are reading an original article about fashions in summer dresses for 2009, author Pauline Weston Thomas at www.fashion-era.com Copyright 2009 ©

Bold Dresses for Spring 2009Fashion -trend -  Michael Angel dress in a wet-on wet watercolour material

TK Maxx Floral Print Dress. £49.99 Spring Summer 09 Dresses.All manner of styles have appeared for Spring 2009 with both customers and retailers taking the dress to heart.  These two dresses above right are by Celine.  Both Celine dresses illustrate the fashion trendsetter elements with the loose painted on dye fabric effect, the widening longer line skirt and wider shoulder line.
This is a pivotal change in the everyday silhouette and worthy of note. For not only is the dress now a norm, but it also comes in a wide array of silhouette styles.