Saturday, January 2, 2010

What is fashion designing?

Fashion designing is associated with creating designs for menswear, womenwear, teen fashion wear and extends to accessories like sunglasses, jewelry , luggage and footwear. Creativity is crucial for fashion designing. A fashion designer must have a strong aesthetic sense along with an eye for color and detail. A fashion designer can create highly stylized creations or work for a fashion design house that mass markets the fashion designer goods. Most fashion designing employers seek a fashion designer who is knowledgeable in the area of textiles, fabrics, ornamentation as well the current fashion trends. Many a high fashion designer is self-employed and designs for exclusive clients. Other fashion-designing professionals cater to fashion design stores.

Fashion Magazine

A fashion magazine gives information on fashion show reports, fashion model agencies as well as various fashion job opportunities. You can always pick up a good fashion tip from the articles and discussions in a fashion magazine. Reputed fashion magazines like Elle, Vogue, Lumiere and Harper's Bazaar allow you a sneak glance into the fashion show itinerary for the coming season. A fashion magazine is also talent-scouting ground as it contains photo features with fresh male fashion model aspirants. Women interested in fashion modeling can take a fashion tip or two from the fashion magazine features.

Fashion Institute Of Technology

The National Association of Schools of Art and Design accredits about 200 fashion institute of technology courses in art and design. A Fashion institute of technology generally offers a degree in art or textile and fashion designing. Applicants to the Fashion institute of technology are required to submit their sketches as examples of their artistic ability. The aspirants to a Fashion institute of technology need to be well read and open to new ideas and influences. Some faculty from a fashion institute of technology also operates small fashion design studios to complement their classroom activities.

Fashion Photography/Fashion Photographer

If you have the talent for it, fashion photography is the fashion job opportunity of a lifetime. An aspiring fashion photographer would find it useful to keep a portfolio of the fashion job shoots already done. The next step for a fashion photographer aspirant is to meet the picture editor of a popular fashion magazine. Fashion photography has become an extremely complex art form today. With its huge audience, high paychecks and glamorous lifestyle, fashion photography is a very sought-after fashion job. A fashion photographer would do well to choose the right photo agency to work with.

Fashion TV

Fashion TV is the first TV channel dedicated to the fashion designing industry since 1997. Fashion TV focuses on trends in the fashion designing industry as well as telecasts fashion show events across the globe. Fashion modeling finds a universal viewership with Fashion TV. Apart from women fashion model features, Fashion TV also focuses on male fashion model trends.

Fashion Design Software

Fashion design software tools greatly enhance the work of a professional fashion designer. Fashion design software tools provide sketch backgrounds, pattern repeating and texture mapping. A fashion designer can utilize the fashion design software to create designs faster and more accurately. There are built-in functions for drapery, repeats, weaves and coloring within the fashion design software.

Fashion Merchandising

Fashion merchandising refers to the entire gamut of activities that involve translating inspiration into design, conceptualizing and developing fashion apparel designs and the preparing promotional material. An aspiring fashion merchandising student must become familiar with conceptualization, design and pre-production of products for fashion design apparel industries. To take up a fashion job in fashion merchandizing, a person must develop verbal, written and visual presentation skills. Possible fashion job opportunities could be as fashion directors, merchandize buyers and corporate fashion merchandizing planners.