Monday, January 4, 2010

Miss Rochdale fashion show$plit/C_71_article_1177965_image_list_image_list_item_0_image.jpg?19%2F10%2F2009%2014%3A17%3A35%3A076Local retailers put on a fashion show for the audience of the Miss Rochdale 2009 contest at the Broadfield Park Hotel.

Clothes from Denis Hope, 25 Ten Boutique and Chantilly, were modeled by staff, customers and semi-professional models: Cassie McDowell and Sarah Howarth.

25 Ten Boutique kicked off the night with a preview of their Christmas party wear, with pieces from Kevan Jon, Forever Unique, Diva Catwalk and Charas with prices in the collection ranging from £50 to £195.

Paul-Turner Mitchell from the boutique said: “Whatever your look, no matter what your style, 25 Ten Boutique has something for you!’

Denis Hope, is an established fashion shop on Drake Street, Philip Hope, said: “We put on a lively fashion show which was warmly received by the audience and we hope to have inspired new customers.”

Barbara Hollingworth from Denis Hope modeled at the show, she said: “It is nice to put something back into Rochdale, I have always enjoyed modeling and it is nice to do things like this to bring everybody together. There is a great atmosphere in here and a mix of ages in the audience.”
Before the show, Mary Burns from the shop added: “It is nice to see other companies involved, I am looking forward to a good night.”

Marjorie Thompson, from Chantilly, said: “Tonight has been fabulous, it was very well organised. What a brilliant event