Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jolita Jewellery Collection Opera and Rope Length Necklaces

Inspired by powerful queens Jolita Jewelery created a collection of opera and rope length necklaces...

Ever been treated like a queen? Whatever your answer is you can feel like one now. Inspired by powerful queens Jolita Jewellery created a collection of fabulous necklaces.

A new collection offers opera and rope length adornments. These are versatile pieces that are over 32 inches long and can be worn in a number of ways: tied in a knot, twisted, doubled up or even wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet. A multitude of colours and shapes were put together to form new necklaces: black, grey, green, clear, round, square, be-cone to name a few. The pieces are made by mixing Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones such as red agate, moss stone, jasper, jade among the others and bohemian glass beads.

Choose from a variety of different length new pieces. Harriett necklace is made by combining red agate, Swarovski crystals and glass beads. Adorned with a cluster of vintage pearls this is one of the longest necklaces offered by Jolita Jewellery. Elisa, Anna, Elisabeth opera necklaces are a myriad of colours and stones. If you prefer shorter pieces - try Olga necklace. Clear glass beads, resembling smoky quartz set together with faux pearls make an elegant adornment.

And if you want to feel like an empress - choose Antoinette or Theodora necklaces. Made of intricately connected multi strands of vintage pearls and fastening with a cameo style clasps - these necklaces will make you feel like the one and only. Visit online boutique to view available pieces in EOS collection. You can also find new collection and other selected Jolita Jewellery pieces at Bread and Honey boutique, Whitecross St, EC1Y 8QP, London.