In the past, Nike has mastered the fashionable tennis shoe market. They have invariably been on the top, but took control when they set out bringing Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Lebron James on board to endorse their shoes. These popular sports stars brought their big-name status to the Nike brand. To hold these endorsements by the celebrity sports aces, Nike spends nearly 500 million bucks annually. Apparently, it is practicable for them.

Their most common shoe is the signature shoe by Michael Jordan called the Air Jordan. It stays favorite after 20 years in the market and despite the fact the he is no longer doing basketball. Wholesale shoes provide a way for everyone and anyone to have access to these famous shoes.

One of Nike's greatest acts was the design of their logo. The Nike swoosh makes any Nike product instantly recognizable. The first Nike logo was a basketball with wings and was placed on both sides of the shoe as well as next to the tongue of the shoe. Replica wholesale shoes are available at lower cost and none could tell the difference.

This logo was modified to a portrayal of a basketball player in air dunking a basketball when they released the 4th generation of the shoes. This logo became celebrated as the "jumpman" and could be found in assorted places on the shoe.Replica wholesale shoes also portray this.

The feature of the Air Jordan tennis shoe that has made it so popular is that Nike fashioned the shoe to bring in air to the soles. This feature makes the shoe very comfortable and it is this type of new technology that has presented Nike the reputation of being pioneers in the tennis shoe market.
Still, though this characteristic remains to be extremely popular, Nike has carried on to improve their Air Jordan shoe and wholesale shoes strive to keep up with them.. They did this by adding a pump that makes the shoe convertible and brings.