Monday, January 31, 2011

Spring Fashion Trends For Men

For men, spring brings a lot of chances to show their fashion sense. Definitely, men are cooler in spring than any other season round the calender. But most of the time this 'cool' feature turns off when it comes to choosing a right office wear as part of spring fashion trends for men in 2009.
The latest spring fashion trends for office wear has come with a completely different dimension and angle. They are traditional in shape, yet trendy in look and color shots. The designers and experts are paying attention to minute details like never before as far as your office wear this spring 2009 is concerned.
Light Green Ties To Office, But How ? This spring 2009 has brought chances galore to make you look trendier than ever. Thus put a full stop before the traditional striped, glossy and deep colored ties this spring 2009. Rather this spring has opened up a completely new gate(read floodgate) of light green ties.
office wear dressing trends
The designers have designed spring mens ties using various lighter shades of green. Thus when ever you happen to wear a white shirt to your office, don't dare to wear a tie dipped in a color other than tea green or lime green.
While if you happen to wear a shirt in light blue, bright pink or lemon yellow before you enter your cubicle, wearing a tie in sage green or mint green will be a befitting mens clothing  for office going men. Wearing a polka dot  mens shirt too will cause the same effect.
However, wearing a deep color shirt with these light green ties would be an office fashion faux pas this spring 2009, except wearing such ones with a black satin satin shirt. A black satin shirt is compatible mens spring fashion trend with all the ties in lighter shades of green, definitely.
Blazing Blazers To Office, But How ? Now you have got your ties. You will get your shirts in the next article of spring office wear fashion trends for men. What else do you want? Oh! I forgot it, indeed. You need a befitting blazer before you proceed to your office. Of course, the mens spring fashion trend is not complete without it.
While looking for an exciting blazer as a part of your office wear, first of all, look at the type and quality of the fabric this spring 2009. Surely, the all-time-hit cotton fabric is number one choice for your office blazer.
However, if you are supposed to attend a spring office party in the night, choose a blazer made of refined wool or cashmere. Now feel the comfort and warmth of such one! Even you can use satin and velvet blazers to look trendier during those spring nights.
However, refrain from wearing blazers which uses synthetic fabric injudiciously. A blazer having 10-12% percent synthetic fabric is considered safe. Anything more than that will make the breathing immensely hard to your body.
As far as the style and cut, as part of spring fashion trends for men, is concerned, choose a traditional cut if you posses a heavy and chubby figure. Such mens fashion apparel are much flattering for plus-size men. However, a man who has an athletic figure must go for an 'European Cut.' Such a cut will provide him a befitting silhouette this spring 2009.
Like your ties and shirts, related to mens spring fashion trends 2009, your blazers too need to be in lighter shades and hues to give you a striking spring office wear this year of 2009. However, when you need to choose a blazer, get ensured that the patterns on the fabric make a resonance with its color.
For example, striped patterns are a strict no no this spring 2009. They are suitable on a deep color fabric only. Don't you know that we are talking about light color fabrics only? Thus go for a light texture for your office wear which come with check and other geometric patterns only. And lastly do not forget to wear a good wristwatch to sum up the effect and also to make you reach on time.