Monday, January 31, 2011

Must Have Fashion Trends For Spring

Like all the springs and summers so far seen by this fashion sensitive generation, the spring/summer 2009 too has come up with some unique and niche type of fashion trends. These must have fashion trends are bold, hot, trendy but cool too. However, it doesn't mean that the things being promoted as part of spring/summer must have fashion trends 2009 were not seen or experienced ever. Most of them are a simple but completely different variations of the older things.
For example, the favorite dress this year was profoundly used back in the initial decades of the last century. On the same line the most favorite color this year is an innovative version launched by Pantone. The favorite pants and trousers meant for this spring/summer is an artistic replica of a favorite jeans type. Read out the following lines to know more about what are latest womens clothing fashion trends you must have this spring/summer 2009.
Favorite Color : No more the trend of dull and dark colors, this spring/summer. Rather, not only this current spring/summer 2009, but the whole year belongs to Mimosa Yellow, a trendy variation of all-time hit of yellow. You can relate this fashion color, an innovation of color giant Pantone, to a soon-to-ripe papaya or a shining orange. So this spring/summer, whatever you buy, right from your fashion accessories to your fashion apparel, dare not to think of buying anything dipped in any other color. Definitely, Mimosa Yellow is the color of year 2009, so it will rule!
Favorite Party Dress :  The spring/summer 2009 fashion trends tell you to be a trendsetter, rather than being a follower. So what about trying something which was in the center of fashion decades back; a party dress with fringes around the knee areas. Of course, the party dresses with fringes will raise many eyebrows. But you have already decided to be a winner. So, why to bother? To be the most fashionable, this spring/summer, try a fringe party dress in Mimosa Yellow. Don't you know that it is the favorite color this year. Try with big and statement earrings and classic black sandals.
Favorite Evening Gown : Many fashionable ladies, in order to make the evenings the best phase of her 'days,' constantly look to buy and wear the most fashionable and trendy evening gowns, available in the market. The current spring/summer 2009 must have fashion trends have seen the rising trend of one-shoulder evening gowns. What could be better than wearing a one-shoulder gown dipped in any of the Pantone's best colors. However, again I must say that nothing is better than the hit Mimosa Yellow.
Favorite Jewelry Type : The way you donned the trendy fringe party dress, you can try to look the boldest even while putting on a befitting jewelry. The common jewelry trend, this spring/summer, has gone 'bigger.' So whatever fashion jewelry, you plan to wear this year that has to be ultimately 'big and bold.' The colorful circular statement earrings have made a mark already. Moreover, you can wear wide metallic bracelets. Wearing bigger pendants has gone a complete hit.
Favorite Pant :Boyfriend pants! What? I have heard of boyfriend jeans millions of times, but what does this boyfriend pant means? Yes, this is an emerging bold trend. They are very much same in design like any boyfriend jeans, but made of varied fabrics, however, not of denim, necessarily. These womens jeans are cool this spring/summer and are made to give you a relaxed feel and fit. The best could be one made of cotton. The design is pretty simple; a semi-gripping below knee part along with a loose-fit area around the hips and waistline. Suitable for all the casual walks and parties. Try with sandals or wedges.