Monday, December 6, 2010

Color trends in fashion world throughout 2010

Colors have a very important role in the fashion industry. This is because the color is first element visible, the longest and easy to remember.
Color trends Color trends in fashion world throughout 2010Therefore, it takes a standard that determines which colors are suitable for a certain time or be able to arouse emotions and moods. In addition, research shows that about 65 percent of consumer spending decisions are influenced by the colors and packaging.
Color trends 2010 until the end of the year will still be dominated by bright colors and still going to be excellent because it is considered suitable to overcome the uncertain global situation.
Although bright colors are a reference color trends 2010, not all designers apply these trends in their designs. David Landart, Color forecaster & Consultant of Carlin International, said the color is an outline of trends that are often used as a guide in adjusting to market tastes, but does not bind or absolutely must be followed.
Designers sometimes have a line and each design concept. Color trend is just a reference only. While the color selection in each collection traces of the fashion designers such as what to display. To a certain fashion style, bright colors may be suitable to be applied, without closing the possibility of combination with other colors.
Color is very universal, and every designer will adjust the color with the design lines. For example, fashion designers are playing on casual lines; bright colors like orange or yellow but can go to a particular line should be adjusted.