Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hood Fancy Dress far the most popular type of Little Red Riding Hood fancy dress costume are those sexy versions of the outfit that are guaranteed to get all the Big Bad Wolves at the party howling with delight. Perhaps this is not too surprising when we consider the origins of this well-loved fairy-tale that has now become a children's bedtime story. is a fairy-tale that has changed significantly over the years and literary historians debate whether the original tale was in fact a metaphor for a girl's journey into womanhood, where she first discovers her sexuality. A far cry from the story we all know and love today.
Sexy Little Red Riding Hood fancy dress outfits are usually based around a red or red, black and white mini dress, together with a red hooded cape. There are certainly some good sexy Little Red Riding Hood fancy dress costumes available at specialist online websites, but if you really want to look the part then you are definitely going to need to purchase some cool accessories.
Below are four such accessories to help make your sexy Little Red Riding Hood fancy dress outfit look sensational.
Sexy head wear Red Riding Hood outfits come with a red hooded cape, however, you may want to purchase some additional head wear to transform your look further. A special red felt hat, complete with attached blonde plaits, is a good way to achieve this.
A sexy petticoat and tights short red petticoat, with a lace trim at the hem, will not only add to the sexy look of your costume, but more importantly it will give volume and bounce to the bottom of your mini dress. Meanwhile, a pair of red fishnet tights are a great little touch to add to your costume's sex appeal, but at the same time make you feel less exposed.
Some sexy footwear often the right footwear can make a big difference to the overall look of your outfit and this costume is no exception. A pair of sexy black thigh high boots, with a full length zip fitted, will finish your costume perfectly.
A wolf's head in a basket
Okay, perhaps this accessory will not add too much to your outfit's sex appeal, although it could be argued that it gives your character a certain kind of empowerment. Nonetheless, this is a great accessory for any Little Red Riding Hood costume and consists of a durable PVC basket with dual handle, an attached red and white gingham lining and a removable hand painted latex head wearing Grandma's gingham cap.