Friday, November 26, 2010

Fancy Dresses for Juniors

Here's what you do, stand (or sit) somewhere on the periphery of a busy street and watch young people go by. Don't gawk though, just look. What you'll see is that there are so many new and interesting designs of fashion clothing on them, it'll blow you away! The fashion world is not limited to adults and super models anymore... let's just make way for the juniors, people! And what are some of these fancy dresses for juniors that we've spoken about so much? That is what this article is all about. If you have a special occasion to go to and need to be dressed in some of the best ensemble out there, continue reading the following article and you'll have some special occasion dresses for juniors. Then use those ideas to design some of the best and cheap fancy dresses for juniors and nothing will stop you from standing out in a crowd. Seriously, try some of these trendy clothes for juniors and make the most happening teen fashion statement of the season.

Party Dresses for Juniors

Not the dull and mundane everyday clothing, we strictly speak of fancy dresses for kids. Something that they can turn into great party dresses for juniors and flaunt their way there. Here are some interesting designs to look into.

Dresses have made a big time come back and how! Here are some interesting designs that you should try:
  • Off Shoulder ~ Go in for this if you have a great set of well defined collar bones to flaunt. They make for some of the best sundresses for juniors. And the deal with off shoulder dresses is that you can carry forth a lot of variations in them. One shoulder strap, tube top or low neck.
  • Knee Length ~ They do not have to be the long flowing dresses anymore, in fact short summer dresses for juniors have taken on the much more bolder and smarter look. Make sure the shoes are essentially awesome.
  • Ruffled Dress ~ A magical gift of this generation, really. A ruffled dress just lends a completely uber-chic look to the ensemble and makes for some of the best eye catchers. Go in for bold colors and don't forget to carry a clutch. Although black dresses for juniors is an all time favorite in this category.
  • Colors and Material ~ Do not stick to the dull and drab. Experiment. Experiment with colors and materials. Try laces, sequins and designs. Add an extra sigh to the onlookers by pairing it up with accessories. Most importantly, experiment with length, accessories and styles - halters, long slits, strapless, pockets - the choices are limitless. And don't forget color! And, you can use this one as one of the best graduation dresses for juniors. Imagine the reaction when you take the robe off and flaunt it!
There's dresses and then there are the tops. What have we got for some of the fancy dresses for juniors in this section? Let's see:
  • Bubble Top ~ Suits best in a sleeveless style. It starts off draping over the body and then flairs up at the hips. It swishes around there and makes for a great pick for girls clothing. Looks great as with pleats or even plain.
  • Long Tops ~ Try long tops that hug the body and stop barely above the knees. Full sleeves and cashmere make for a deadly combo. Pair it up with skin tight jeans or leggings and boots that stop a little below the knees and it could give any formal dress for juniors a run for its money.
  • Sleeves Magic ~ Concentrate on working the sleeves. There are so, so many styles that you can do with them. Puffed sleeves, butterfly sleeves, three fourth sleeves, sleeves with slits to name a few of them. Experiment with these and you'll have transformed the blouse into a whole new level, somewhere to the likes of vintage dress patterns.
  • Empire Waist Tops ~ This trendy teen clothing is picking momentum fast. Empire waists involve using a huge belt just below the bust line. Its specialty is that it can be used with either an A-line blouse that simply falls against the body or a slightly thin one that has a flow material.
And now that you have some of the ideas for fancy dresses for juniors, you can use them to design a unique ensemble and make it work real good. Set aside some time to look through men's fashion as well for some unique ideas. Oh and enjoy the oohs and aahs.