Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fashion Design Schools

A Degree is Important for a Fashion Design Career

For those who are serious about working in the world of fashion design, a degree in this field is almost a necessity. Although one may have an extreme amount of raw talent in the area of design, most employers are looking for someone with a degree. Furthermore, fashion design programs teach a comprehensive curriculum, which will help fill in any gaps a person may be lacking in their own knowledge.
There are Certificate Programs, as well as two-year Associate Degrees and four-year Bachelor of Science Degrees offered in the field of fashion design. Any degree is beneficial, with the Associate's Degree including a more intensive study as it is a shorter program. However, since this is a very competitive field, a Bachelor's Degree may be the best route as it allows for more classes as well as more experience.

Another major benefit to completing a degree is that most schools and colleges offer internships to students, as well as solid networking for the job hunt. Internships provide the much needed experience to be fully prepared for a job in this field. Additionally, an internship often leads into a job with the same company, or provides contacts for related job openings.

Fashion Design Schools and Institutes

Fashion design colleges and schools are plentiful. One option is The Art Institute, which has 19 locations in major cities across the U.S., as well as online degree programs as well. Some of the other top schools offering fashion design are:
  • Berkeley College, New York (online programs also available)
  • International Academy of Design and Technology (online programs also available)
  • Academy of Art University (online programs also available)
  • American Intercontinental University
  • Westwood College (online programs also available)

Examples of Fashion Design Classes

Individuals looking to get a fashion design degree may already have a basic knowledge of skills such as drawing and sewing. However, those enrolled in this type of program will be educated in a variety of areas such as sketching, art theory, color theory, fabrics, pattern making, and sewing. This is just a small sampling, and any number of fashion design schools can give examples of their curriculum.