Sunday, September 5, 2010

2011 Prom You

Prom dresses and ball gowns in the latest styles have arrived, and 2011 will mark a new decade, and an extra special year for your prom. is here to help you find the perfect dress for your prom night. We have prom dresses in every style, from full length formal gowns to sassy and short prom dresses. Whether you are looking for a strapless prom dress or a halter prom dresses we have variations to match every personality and every body shape. On the website you can find bold and brash prom dresses in bright colors like red or blue or sleek and sophisticated gold or simple and demure white. Shop around at your own convenience without fighting for parking spaces or fitting rooms. Take your time and stroll through our aisles until you find the perfect prom dress for your 2011 prom.
The 2011 Prom You
It does not matter how beautiful your prom dress looks on a mannequin or model if the dress is not suited for your body style; it will simply not flatter you. That does not mean you can’t find the perfect prom dress, it just means that you will look most beautiful in a dress that is meant for you, and that means understanding a little bit about fashion and complementary styles. Some of the top 10 prom dresses, such as the A-line dress, are able to complement most body shapes and sizes. A-line dresses are typically form-fitting in the body and then flare into a full skirt from the waist. A-line dresses can vary in length and you can adjust your body style by playing with different colors and patterns. Solid colors can be slimming while vivid prints tend to be bolder. Patterns can also give shape and definition to taller figures while solids can elongate the petite. Most girls who dream of the Cinderella ball gown can have their night at the ball. Ball Gowns are formal prom dresses that complement every body shape except for the petite girl. Petite girls can get lost in all of the ruffles and tiers that normally drape a true ball gown. Don’t worry; if you’re petite there is a special dress for you that will help you outshine everyone else at the prom (See Empire prom gowns and Sheath Prom gowns below!) Ball gowns can have different bodices to complement the small busted or the large busted and with different options for halter dresses or strapless dresses you can complement your body frame perfectly. Empire prom gowns are ideal for petite girls and tall girls alike. An empire prom dress can give you a larger bust-line appearance and elongate your waistline. Petite girls can also elongate their appearance by playing with different hem lengths and choosing shorter dresses to look taller. Give an added appearance of a longer body by choosing sweetheart necklines or halter prom dresses. A short prom dress like a cocktail dress can be the perfect choice for the petite. The high waist of an empire prom dresses is also ideal for the full figured woman, accentuating the bust-line instead of the waist. Sweetheart necklines and halter prom dresses are also flattering for the full figured girl as she makes her appearance on the red carpet of Prom night 2011. Sheath prom dresses, also known as mermaid dresses, are complementary for tall and thin girls as well as petite girls. Tall girls may want to consider a full length sheath prom dress with a slit that reveals her long legs while still giving her classic elegance. A sheath dress without a slit can give a petite girl a longer appearance, especially if including a simple dress in solid colors and no patterns. Sheath gowns are not flattering for full figured women or pear shaped figures, but girls with this body type will be the belle of the ball with an A-line prom dress, a ball gown, or an empire prom dress (see above). Tall and slender girls can wear an A-line dress, ball gown, empire prom dress, or sheath dress in solid colors. They can create an hourglass figure by choosing a dress with shirring or accessorizing with a belt from a belt collection. Petite girls can wear an A-line dress, an empire dress, or a sheath prom dress and can create a longer appearance by shortening the hemline. Full figured women and pear shaped girls will be striking wearing prom dresses in A-line styles dresses, ball gowns, and Empire prom dresses. Wearing solid colors, whether bold red or bashful pink, is also complementary as is the sweetheart neckline or halter prom dress. Some other unique features of body styles can also be accentuated and flattered by the prom dresses 2011 found on For example, broad shouldered girls have a wonderful opportunity to wear strapless gowns on prom night. Small busted girls can use ruffles or beading to give shape to their bust-line while busty girls can get flattering support from a halter prom dress.