Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family Halloween Costumes

What better way to enjoy the October festivities than with family Halloween costumes? Discover the best Halloween outfit ideas for adults and spooky Halloween costumes for infants, children and teens. Make this an enjoyable and memorable occasion for the entire family by investing a little time to ensure that the very best outfits are chosen.

Cute and Scary Family Halloween Costumes

Group Halloween costumes help to enhance family togetherness because it is a shared activity. Halloween outfit ideas include super hero costumes, Wizard of Oz outfits, pirate costumes and Disney Halloween costumes. Each family Halloween costume theme is completely unique and distinctive.

Spooky Pirate Costumes for the Family

The Halloween pirate costume has always been popular. Children and adults of all ages have a secret fascination with this swashbuckling sea-plunderer. The discovery of ships (such as the "Whydah") and the making of Hollywood films (such as Pirates of the Caribbean) have led to a resurgence in the popularity of the Halloween pirate theme. Each family member can dress-up in one of these scary pirate outfits:
  • Captain Jack Sparrow costume
  • Captain Hook costume
  • Davy Jones costume
  • Blackbeard costume
  • Anne Bonny costume

Cute Disney Halloween Costumes

This classic family Halloween costume is a particular favorite with the kids. Whilst dad gets to dress-up as a brutal looking individual, such as Shrek or Frankenstein's monster, the daughter lives out the life of a beautiful princess or Snow White. Choose one of these family costumes for Halloween: