Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ross Dress

Any good shopper knows that the best bargains are found when you are willing to shop around, but sometimes we don't have the time we need to find the best deal. Ross Dress for Less is a great place to find a bargain immediately, but there's a price to be paid for convenience.
The store is filled to capacity, and my first impression left me feeling as if I was shopping in a thrift store. There are rows and rows of clothes, shoes, handbags and even toiletries. You can buy sheets, towels, lingerie and most anything you'd need, but those things may not be of the best quality.
There are good deals in Ross Dress for Less, but you will have to hunt. Think of your shopping experience as if it were a scavenger hunt and you'll end up having fun. Pay attention to the details, making sure that the dress will zip and doesn't need to be hemmed. Look for spots and stains and never buy before you try it on.
One of the draw-backs is the fact that everything is packed. You may need to dig, pull and tug in order to see the price on anything. The employees will be up front, so there will be no one around to help you out. At Ross Dress for Less, you will be on your own, so it's a good place to go if you like shopping alone.
It seems to me that the shopping experience depends on what day you go. Some days the store is filled with good deals, but on other days it seems that everything appears to be, "a hand-me-down." If you are patient and willing to give Ross Dress for Less another try, who knows what treasure you will find.