Monday, July 5, 2010

Family fitness and weight loss

Exercise and weight loss can be hard to maintain without help. Fortunately for many of us, help is close at hand and comes in the form of our family.

Making exercise a family activity not only helps every family member to
lose weight and keep it in a healthy range, it's also good for our individual spirits and helps aid in family bonding.

This article explains why making exercise a family affair is a great idea and provides suggestions for you to begin exercising with your family.

Why family exercise is a great idea

Weight related problems are not confined to adults, and more and more children in Australia are becoming overweight or obese in part because they are not active enough.

Making exercise part of our family lifestyle is a great idea because it:

Getting started

The hardest part of making exercise a family affair is getting started.

Here are some ideas to help make getting started a lot easier:
Family exercise options

The greatest thing about family exercise is the wide number of options available.

And it doesn't matter what the composition of our family is, whether it's just us and our partner, us and young children, us and older children, or us, our partner and children of any age.

For those of us with new-born children, family exercise may be just taking baby for a walk in their pram during the day and exploring all the sights and sounds of the neighbourhood .

For those of us with a brood, family exercise may be taking the children and their bikes along the beach or a couple of times around the local botanical gardens.

For those of us without children or with adult children, family exercise may just take the form of us taking romantic walks or bike rides along the beach or river with our partner at dusk or through the park on our way to our favourite picnic spot.

Regardless of the makeup of our family, here are some examples of the most common and best forms of family exercise: