Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Draw a Beautiful Girl

Things You'll Need:

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  1. Step 1

  2. Sketch in the head and body. Position the hips in a sexy pose--tilted to one side and a leg crossed or dangled in an attractive way--will enhance your drawing. Sketch all the body parts, including hips, breasts, legs and arms, using sketch marks and horizontal lines to indicate the angle and position first.

  3. Step 2

  4. Draw harder lines around the hips. Use curved lines to form the waist and make it much smaller than the hips, which flare out and then taper sharply into thighs. The waist is very high, starting just under the breast and then extending down into the hips. The breasts are drawn using two "C" shapes tilted on the side, and then an arc turned the other way from the outside end of this shape.

  5. Step 3 the head and facial features. Make the eyes larger than normal and very round--each one should be about a third of the width of the head. Add a slender nose with a simple straight line that flows down from between the eyes, then an upside down heart shape for the nose itself, with two egg shapes tilted on the inside of this shape for the nostrils.

  6. Step 4 the lips. Use very soft, plush shapes that are larger than normal. The whole mouth should be about half the size of the width of the head. Taper the chin sharply and draw the chin itself very small, with a smooth cup shape. Add dimples and shading underneath the cheek bones to give your girl a very beautiful and striking face.

  7. Step 5 the body drawing using darker lines for the legs, chest and abdomen. Use light patches of shading, and add more contrast to the legs and underneath the breasts.

  8. Step 6 long, flowing hair and let it add to any action that the body is portraying. If she is turning, draw the hair flowing out from the body with out-curving lines. Keep the hair light, and always shade it to give it depth--just use simple dark stroke for the shading on the hair.