Thursday, May 13, 2010

Celebrities in Hollywood have long been the absolute standard for fashion and glamour. Since they are generally among the best looking people in the world, as well as quite rich, they can afford to and pull off a variety of expensive and trendy looks and they can do this quite well.

Celebrity coverage has gotten out of control in this country as celebrity baby pictures fetch ridiculous prices by tabloid magazines. Still, celebrity adoration is here to stay. Here are is some advice to help you dress like a celebrity. of all, you have to remember that you are not a celebrity. Why do I say this? Well, the majority of fashion statements are usually made on the red carpet - whether at film premieres or award shows. think I can safely say that you do not have any red carpet events in your life and to try to wear gowns or tuxedos in your non-red carpet galas will look absolutely ridiculous, not to mention the extreme costs of those fancy formal gowns and suits. So if you cannot literally wear what a celebrity wears, how is it that you can dress that way?*xggsT2cN9riS4CaoPLpE2if5az*t5Y7KGUkYix/faviana6417WomensSuits.jpg

Well, with the proliferation of tabloid coverage of celebrities, we see more and more of what outfits they wear in the day to day lives, including what they wear out to dinner or for drinks. This is much more sensible in terms of what to wear to dress like your favorite movie star. My guess is that you go out for dinner with much greater frequency than you go to red carpet premieres.

So, obviously, to dress like a celebrity, you should read up on what celebrities are wearing. Check out the various magazines and pictures to see what sorts of styles that you are wearing.

Here is a great tip to help you wear some of the same mod fashion clothing. Is there a celebrity that you have a mild resemblance to? Perhaps people comment that you look like a particular famous actor or actress? It's a good idea to study this particular celebrity, not necessarily imitate. Here is a good opportunity to use this celebrity as a guinea pig in a lab - what works and what does not work on him or her? You can take the good and disregard the bad when it comes to dressing like a celebrity.

Whatever your approach might be to dress like a celebrity, take notes, consider the appropriateness and make each style you don your own. Now that your style and fashion trends as your favorite movie stars, get dressed, get an appointment and do some poses for photographers in your new clothes.