Sunday, April 18, 2010

During the Honeymoon

suggestions of underwear for the wedding night

We start with a wonderful deux piece with bra and panties. These are made from lace, meaning that they will suit perfectly the wedding dress you’re going to wear in your wedding day. So, you wear the wedding dress and you continue with these pieces of underwear that are made of lace. Simply divine, don’t you think so? The bra pushes up your breasts a little bit, creating also the impression of volume, the cups are wonderfully embroidered with lace and your bust area will simply look great with it, believe us!

The next pieces we’re going to describe are those low-rise panties that are made of mesh and cotton: so, these are low rise, lace trim and a ribbon detail in the middle side! If you don’t like the cream color or white you can always apply for a contrasting black or a nice pink!

suggestions of underwear for the wedding night2

If we started with lace, we feel like we should continue with it. Here is another suggestion, of lace underwear made of bra and thongs. The bra is half cup and it has some beautiful lace embroideries on the transparent lace. The thongs are similar in model to the bra, meaning these are made also of lace and have embroideries, on two sides of the underwear you can find some bow details that give a certain precious look. You can apply for white or ivory, these look great on you, trust us!

Lace and lace and certainly lace again! So, you have a bra and thongs, both in white nuances and with lace embroidery on them! The bra has between the two cups a bow detail and this detail is repeated on the thongs in the front side. There should be mentioned that the bra has half cups and it simply looks great as it seems to reveal a big part of your breasts.

suggestions of underwear for the wedding night3

We would like to continue with a deux piece made also of lace, and it’s entirely of lace! There is a pair of boxers, transparent and the upper side has V neckline and gives you a juvenile aspect!

So, as you can see for the underwear in the wedding night you can apply for white in perfect concordance with the wedding dress, but in a future time we’re going to give you some suggestions that involve colored underwear!