Thursday, January 14, 2010

Look Slim and Dress in Style
Women all over the world spend thousands of dollars every year on diets, weight-loss plans, and exercise programs. Up to 70% of the women in the world are not satisfied with their bodies, and the majority are desperate to shed kilos and look slimmer.
So why do millions of women want a body that less than 1% of the population can attain (and not without their fair share of starvation and exercise torture)? The answer is simple. Because that small minority of women who seem to have the “perfect figure” are models. Women who flaunt their bodies, wear the latest designer clothing, and show off millions of dollars worth of products as their career. Models simply look good because it is their job to do so. They are paid to be human clothes hangers. For us ordinary women going about our daily grind in offices, homes and shops, looking good and feeling great should not be hard things to achieve. If models look good because of the clothes that they wear, then perhaps we should stop obsessing about that extra gram of fat, and start looking at how we can dress well, look good, and feel great.
Good clothing is made of fabric that is natural and comfortable against the skin. Good clothing consists and styles that complement your body shape and your skin tone. Good clothing often needs to be tailored and not bought off the shelf.
The latest designs in the haute couture world can be copied and custom-made to suit your own looks and body shape. It is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars to purchase a piece of clothing that a model wore, just for the sake of trying to look like her. It is important for a woman to recognise the positive points of her own body, and tailor-make clothing that complements that. A designer fabric store in Melbourne, recommends that women find designs that interest them, and then ask for advice on the best types of fabric that could utilise the style and complement her own body. d’Italia has in store a range of all-natural Italian silk and French lace that has been used by some of Australia’s best dressmakers, to create unique designs for women of all ages, sizes and shapes. The shop also offers an optional referral service to seamstresses.