Friday, January 8, 2010

Lerner Clothing

In the world of fashion, there are several popular labels. There is segmentation within each brand. The range of products available consists of premium, high-end ones to budget-driven everyday wear. Lerners clothing commands huge popularity for its trendy styles at affordable prices. .

Fashion is an interesting industry where there is constant innovation. Trends that are in vogue for a season may become outdated by the next one. There is stiff competition between the fashion design firms to capture the customer's attention by introducing new lines. Lerners clothing is an established name in the area of women's wear. .

The company makes a staggering array of clothes for women. There are tops, skirts, blazers, pants, suits, dresses, party wear, intimate apparel, maternity clothes and swim wear to mention a few. The catalog is no doubt impressive with a generous number of items within each category. More importantly, the products are made in a variety of materials like leather, corduroy, twill and stretch. Some of their popular name brands are Lee, Forenza, Bagatelle, Zena and Skecher. .

The biggest advantage going for Lerners clothing is the range of sizes available. Choose a product and one is offered from sizes 4 to 20! There are attractive options for Petites and Talls too. What makes the label a hit amongst the women is the affordable pricing of the clothes. Suits can be had for as low as $29.99. In keeping with the tastes of the modern working woman, the company has unveiled a new range of business executive wear.

Change is the only constant in fashion. So, it is with Lerners clothing. The company has also added a party wear range besides creating junior size for its dresses. Leggings are the latest addition to its bursting catalog and they are definitely contemporary in cut and finish. .

Clients who overhaul their wardrobe often look out for bargain deals. The fantastic news is that Lerners clothing offers unbelievable discounts to its fashion club members. They could shop for clothes at any of the malls, physical and virtual or order on line. The company has also included select items of its line in catalogs of famous designers like Lane Bryant. This provides greater visibility to its products. Recently, the company decided to go in for an image makeover. It now seeks to fulfill the needs of intelligent, hard working urban women who are knowledgeable about what suits them best. Hence, it has a new name, Metrostyle. .So, girls, the next time you want to dress up to flaunt your figure without digging deep into your wallet, head straight to Lerners clothing!