Sunday, January 10, 2010

Getting In the Apparel Business

A vast majority of talented designers carry an impression that talent alone is sufficient for starting an apparel business. While that may not be true, the fact is that talent and creativity is the basic requirement that one needs to have. Other factors that contribute to a successful line can be learnt, acquired and imbibed.

There was a time in this competitive industry when learning the tricks of the trade meant attaching yourself to a large and reputed design label. Getting into the apparel business only on the basis of talent did not ensure success. While capabilities like conceptualization, fabric analysis, finance management and communication skills are still necessary along with knowledge of apparel design and creativity, today these components of success in an apparel business are easily available for those who are really passionate about showcasing their work.

For those wanting to get into the apparel business the real concept that needs to be understood is that each creation needs to be derived from some inspiration. Translating the inspiration into an apparel design that will catch the imagination of a buyer and compel him/her to buy your product is where the real thrill lies. With technology and various design software that are now available the process of creation, modification and final touches has become far simpler than before. Additionally one does not really have to be an expert artist to be able to recreate creative ideas that emerge in the mind onto paper since user-friendly apparel design software can be used.

Other aspects that those wanting to start a clothing line or a label need to keep in mind relate to the fabric. Fabric analysis, fabric costing and draping are all extremely important. Once the apparel design is on paper (or shall we say, the computer), there is a need to understand the exact fabric that can give the right kind of look when actually created.

Fabric selection actually and truly defines the apparel design. In the apparel business each and every detail must be defined for those who are actually producing your piece. Since the actual production may involve outsourcing, giving detailed instructions to your supplier regarding the material to use, the GSM of the fabric and other technical details becomes extremely important.

All this also needs to be done keeping in mind the current fashion trends since fabrics that are not in vogue are not likely to be picked up by potential buyers. Keeping in touch with the trends in the industry is easily accomplished by reading fashion magazines, building contacts in the industry and of course signing into online fashion portals.

While the apparel design and the apparel are the most important aspects, finance cannot be ignored. The fabrics and cuts need to be chosen so as to make the buyer feel that the apparel design is worth the cost. Other aspects like defining the target consumer for the product, deciding a label name, marketing the label, quality control, credit lines also exist. However, with online help and guidance available online, getting into the apparel business has become far easier than before.

However, this does not mean that starting a clothing line is the easiest thing. There are various steps that you will need to take and just like starting any other business your apparel business will need perseverance, hard work, patience and continuous drive for it to succeed. What you need not worry about is the guidance and the information that you will need along the way. The fashion industry offers excellent opportunities for people looking for an opening in apparel business. A course offered by can prove to be of great help to you in guiding you in every single step in translating your apparel design ideas into reality and starting an apparel business.