Friday, January 1, 2010

fashion 2010

Inspired from nature where a lot of fruits and vegetables like oranges, bananas etc grow upside down, but their beauty remains the same even when even when they are put upside down on our dining tables. Similarly the ensembles look sound and aesthetically appealing when are worn in regular fashion or upside down.

Based on the concept of ‘multiple use’ and ‘minimalistic clothing’, the wearer can be engaged to his her apparel in more than one way where one can choose his/her look as per the occasion in his fast moving circuit. You can now walk into your office wearing one look and move directly from your work to a cocktail party just by wearing your dress upside down. The dresses are so designed, that out of the two looks, one of looks (Option 1) is for regular wear whereas the other (Option 2, upside down/ inverted) creates a chic look for, apt as party wear.

The concept of multiple look, also adds a new meaning to ethical / sustainable fashion. The collection doubles usability of materials as two looks come out of the same garment. Now the wearer can enjoy the same ensemble over and over again without getting bored of it.