Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the City to a New Fashion Label Jessica Parker is no newbee to the fashion industry. Carry Bradshaw, SJP’s character on “Sex and the City”, is synonymous for being the “it girl” of fashion iconicism. Her closet is littered with her unique style from an endless list of designer collections. Let’s not forget to mention her shoeaholic weakness to Manola Blahniks. With her character’s fashion quirk and her launch of fragrances – Lovely and Covet, SJP has created a name brand for herself that can be easily geared towards the designer niche. However, for practicality she partners up with Steve and Barry’s.

Steve and Barry’s is known in the retail landscape as providers of premium apparel at the lowest prices possible. Just imagine GAP’s Old Navy and UNIQLO, Japan’s most popular casual wear retailer, level of quality and price, but Steve and Barry’s price gap is more on the lower end. Remember how Stephon Marbury, the New York Knicks’ star player, revolutionizing the shoe industry with sneakers costing only at $14.98 a pair? The Starbury Movement is truly Marbury’s own, where he even wears his own endorsement on the basketball courts.

fashion articleSJP’s tag line is “Fashion is not a Luxury - It’s a Right.” Parker’s vision is to have quality and affordability in clothing for everybody: no matter what age, size, or income. Her manifesto is “It is every women’s inalienable right to have a pulled together stylish, confident wardrobe with money left over to live. GET BITTEN.” The key word is to live. She recognizes that not everyone can afford the kind of wardrobe Carrie Bradshaw had or the elites of Park and Madison Avenue. Realistically looking at what basically any consumer would want when they go spend their hard earn money on style is the best price for the LOOK. The look is of comfort, confidence and style. Every woman wants to look as if they are strutting down the fashion runway with their nose held high and sexiness just beaming out.

fashion articleIn her BITTEN collection, Parker wants to show the classic simple American sports wear with a twist of her own personal style, of-course. SJP’s graphic tees has an elegant peacock feather or a simple red heart just sitting in the front corner, striped racerback tanks that would go with anything in your closet, roll-up pants with little satin and button detailing, and the all-American classic chinos. The cute pieces in her collection is such a steal: hoodies at $14.98, crew neck tees at $7.98, jewelry at $5.98, v-neck tank dresses at $19.98, puff sleeve ruffle tops at $9.98 and what is more amazing is jeans for $14.98. This is just craziness. Seriously, I had to do a double take ‘cuz I couldn’t believe the bargains. I tried on a pair of wedge heel peep toe shoes and fell in love. It only set me back $9.98!

Sarah Jessica Parker has joined up with Stehpon Marbury in the innovation of low cost in fashion in partnering up with Steve and Barry’s. A future collection to look for is Amanda Bynes coming out mid-August. Also joining the ranks is Ben Wallace of the Chicago Bulls and Bubba Watson, the longest driver on the PGA tour with their own signature in the fashion industry.

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