Tuesday, January 5, 2010

7 Most Controversial Fashion Advertisements

Controversial fashion ads
Let the controversy begin

Over on debonairmag.com, they have assembled a provocative selection of the seven edgiest advertisements ever to promote names in fashion.

It will come as no surprise that they all caused a stir for pushing the boundaries of good sexual taste. Sex and advertising have a symbiotic relationship that is ideal for the “turning heads” fuel behind the concepts of the fashion industry.

These are images that infer the social taboos of coitus and instantly invade censorship filters to seer onto the cerebrum. Campaigns engineered with the purpose of challenging audiences to purchase their wares.

Word of mouth, buzz and brand recognition all get a solid boost when morality protesters arrive. The sensual glamour that is the public face of catwalks, designer clothes and prestigious beauty are exploitable commodities that serve a specific marketing niche.

I was surprised that the jail bait Calvin Klein pictures of Brooke Shields were excluded because of the uproar at the time.

Brooke Shields Calvin Klein
Brooke Shields in Calvin Klein

So onto the ads which are mostly from the U.S though some made it international. The most recent featured is the 2007 Tom Ford for Men shot that is more phallic than all the ancient tribal relics you care to name.

Tom Ford for Men ad
Tom Ford appeals to the fleshy bits

Back in 2001 Sisley, part of the Beneton Group encountered vocal opposition to the suggestive white liquid facial approach.

Sisley milking ad
Got Milk? It works on so many levels

Earlier this year Dolce & Gabbana released this voyeuristic snap of colliding hard bodies. Banned in Italy due to the belief it encourages gang rape.