Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dress Designer: Wedding, Fabric, Swimwear

Wedding Dress Designer/Wedding Gown Designer/ Bridal Gown Designer

Wearing a wedding gown made by a fashion designer would be the dream of every bride-to-be. A wedding dress by a designer is created to suit the bride. A bridal gown designer keeps track of latest trends. A wedding dress designer can complement the bridal gown with designer headpieces. Handcrafted tiaras and veils enhance the elegance of a wedding dress done by a designer. A bridal gown designer takes care of little details like silk handkerchiefs and embroidered shawls. A wedding dress can be embellished with designer crystals or other semi-precious stones.

Designer Clothing / Designer Dress

Designer clothing can range from an haute couture classic gown to funky extravagance. Designer clothing reflects lifestyle fashions extending to designer shoes, designer jewelry, designer purse and designer sunglasses. A designer dress can be created for formalwear or leisurewear. There is versatility in women's designer clothing. Clothing designer outlets offer designer clothing for a woman’s total needs like designer jeans and dress and lingerie.

Check out the latest in designer dress collections in magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar for latest trends of popular clothing designer houses. An haute couture designer dress can be an eclectic mix of modern and vintage. Many a clothing designer specializes in vintage designer dress wear. Burberrry, Prada, Armani and Versace are popular clothing designer houses.

Designer Fabric

Designer clothing depends to a large extent on the designer fabric used. You can pick up designer fabric material from an exclusive designer fabric mart. Designer fabric popularly used for children’s clothes is cotton gingham and flannel. For a designer evening gown, go in for jacquard, crepe or crushed silk. There is a wide variety of designer fabric ranges for upholstery and home furnishings. Designer fabric blends of polyester and rayon are also very popular. Designer fabric textiles are now available in a myriad shades and prints.

Designer Swimwear/ Designer Swimsuit

Designer swimwear is now extremely popular. Designer swimwear includes designer swimsuit pieces, sarongs and bikinis. You can pick up a designer swimsuit in different fabrics and styles. Designer swimwear in animal prints is very fashionable with beach lovers. You can team up a designer swimsuit with a matching wrap or sarong. Stunning colors and elegant styles are the hallmark of designer swimwear. Metallic colors in designer swimwear are also very appealing. Exclusive range of designer swimsuit trunks is also available for men. There is designer swimwear that will appeal to all proportions and ages.

Designer Baby Clothes

In the wave of designer clothes fashion, the baby clothes are not far behind. Designer baby clothes are here to stay! Parents would like the best of designer baby clothes for their little ones. International designer baby clothes brands are Osh Kosh Bgosh, Simonetta, Diesel and Versace. Designer baby clothes are available at baby boutiques. Reversible tops, appliques and fine embroidery are the hallmark of exclusive designer baby clothes. Being produced from finest material, designer baby clothes offer superior overall quality than those found at kids’ stores.

Designer Suit

Designer suit in menswear is an important segment of fashion. A designer suit for men can be single or double-breasted. Classic trousers and well-cut jacket are the hallmark of a designer suit. The designer fabric used in the creation of elegant designer suit sets them apart from the rest! Team up a designer suit with a silk tie.

Designer Jean

Jeans that started out as roughwear have also acquired designer jean status. Teenagers consider it cool to be seen in designer label jean like Diesel and Armani. A designer jean can sport various cuts like low-waist, straight or hipsters. A denim designer jean never goes out of fashion. A DKNY designer jean or a designer jean by Pepe or Wrangler is still a must –have in a fashion wardrobe.

Designer Evening Gown

A tastefully created designer evening gown remains timeless and suitable for any special occasion. A designer evening gown can be worn to weddings, pageants and social events. A designer evening gown must have the perfect blend of sophistication with the hint of drama.

Haute couture designer evening gown styles are created for the woman who wants to stand out from the crowd. Designer fabric of elegant colors and styles can make a designer evening gown the connoisseur of all eyes.