Friday, November 13, 2009

Thulie Ellis Australian Fashion Designer Launched Flashes on the Silver Screen

Australian designer Thulie Ellis has launched her first collection, aptly named Flashes on the Silver Screen. Inspired by the silver screens’ leading ladies - Audrey Hepburn, Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne and Elizabeth Taylor – the classic 1950s inspired collection comes with a contemporary twist.

“I love the timelessness of 50s fashion, but I wanted to bridge the gap for modern women, who crave the femininity that the 50s in famous for,” Thulie explained.

Silk organza is a major factor in the collection, adding richness and vibrancy to everything from dresses to shirts and skirts. Sequins also feature for a touch of tasteful glamour.

“I’ve also used pearl button detailing on shirts dresses and blouses which continues along the 50s theme,” Thulie explained. “After all every woman needs a set of peals – even if it is just on the cuff of your sleeve.”

At just 27 years of age, Thulie designed the entire collection, with materials sourced from local and imported silks. With the majority of the collection made from 100 per cent silk, the garments are also manufactured in Australia, in keeping with Thulie’s philosophy to support the local industry.

About Thulie

Born in South Africa and raised in New Zealand, Thulie moved to Sydney, Australia, four years ago, graduating from FBI Fashion College in 2008.

Thulie remembers. “I’ve always been a dreamer and I remember when I was five going through mum’s fashion magazines and marking pages of my favourite dresses”.

“Then I’d spend hours inventing dresses in my mind and imagining myself in them! So I guess it’s no surprise that I’ve ended up designing all those dresses I’ve dreamt of over the years!”

Her new label, thulie, is for women who thrive on timeless design, she says. “My designs will take you from the office to a work function and then onto drinks with the girls,” she said. “The first collection is really is just the start!”

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